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  • Sea Landscapes

    The artist brings us on the Normandy coast where he wanders all year long, and draws our attention on the sky, the sea, the beach, the cliffs, in different conditions.

    Stormy or quiet skies, dark clouds before a thunderstorm, warm lights of summer, quiet or threatening seas, puddles of water at low tide ... as many atmospheres and sea landscapes to contemplate, with an ever present attention to lighting.

  • Flower Compositions

    The floral compositions, one of the favourite subjects of the artist, are undeniably from the Impressionist movement, but with a personal contemporary approach.

    Imbued with this impressionist heritage and aware of all the contributions of contemporary pictorial art, the artist approaches this theme in an original way, whose purpose remains the study of light in nature, but in a perception not devoid of intellectualism, appealing to a sensual emotion.

    A furtive image, a shaft of light trapped in leaves, a general sensation of harmony and serenity.

  • Other Themes

    Painter Patrick Waravka, as most of the artists, has been practicing other topics, other tones, other horizons, guided only by his sensibility toward very different themes and a kind of fantisizing, often verging on a mere luminous abstraction.

  • Aubusson Tapestries

    Manufacture Robert Four, at Aubusson (France), crafts contemporary tapestries inspired by Patrick Waravka's artworks.

    Tapestries are completely handmade, with the use of a full-scale cartoon from which the low-warp tapestry-weavers work.

    Only 8 pieces are crafted from the original artwork, though the diversity of techniques and the personal touch of each craftman make each tapestry a unique piece, and a collective artwork from the collaboration of the artist and the carftmen who realize the cartoon, the dying and the weaving.

    In 2009, Aubusson Tapestry were inscribed on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.