Artist Patrick Waravka

Patrick WARAVKA was born in France in 1942, to a Russian father and a French mother. He lives and works in Varengeville sur Mer in Normandy . 


Between Impressionist painting and Contemporary Creation

Heir of Impressionism, by themes, vision , color and light, but aware of all the achievements of contemporary art , he developed a personal and original pictorial touch, in a continuous search of the relationship between color and light. 

Painter of Light

Patrick Waravka shares his work between his vision of nature, the sky, the sea, floral effects that allow him beautiful color and light variations, and other themes and topics in which the light is the thread of his pictorial research, sometimes verging on a total abstraction.

Patrick Waravka dans son atelier

More than 100 exhibitions dedicated to his work

His work was noticed in 1992 by Jacques Chirac, then Mayor of Paris, who gave instructions to organize an exhibition to be held at the Serres d' Auteuil in Paris . 

Many exhibitions have been held in France and sometimes abroad , under the aegis of dignitaries, including the President of the Senate, at the Orangerie of the Senate twice , in 1994 and 2009 , the latter having received more than 30,000 visitors, at the Art Institute and the Royal Circle of Arts of Barcelona (Spain) , and in many prestigious places , at the invitation of Museums, Cities or Regions. 

His works have been included in public procurement and public and private collections in France and in many countries.


Patrick Waravka and sacred art 

Patrick WARAVKA is also the author of monumental stained glass windows placed in different churches of Normandy, some classified as historic monuments. 

He also dedicates part of his time to create pictorial works inspired by the Christian religion, as the Victory of Golgotha ​​( 2005) and the  Covenant made with Abraham (2013).


Paintings of Patrick Waravka woven by Ateliers d'Aubusson 

Patrick Waravka's paintings inspired the well-known Aubusson Manufacture. They weave contemporary tapestries from the artworks of the artist.

In 2009, Aubusson Tapestry were inscribed on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.